strobe light kits can be used in a studio to capture objects in motion, on emergency vehicles to warn drivers, or to draw attention to emergency exits or warning signs. strobe light kits vary in shape, size and intensity of light and are made specifically to fit the purpose at hand. When talking about strobe light kits, the first one that comes to mind is those used on emergency vehicles. They may range from strobe light bars, to strobe bars used to draw attention to the emergency vehicles. They are mainly used at accident scenes to warn other drivers of danger, or to mark an alternative route away from the scene of the accident. These kits come equipped with bright lights that may vary in color, examples being blue, red and orange. They are normally hooked to a power source such as the emergency vehicle battery or a battery pack that can be easily carried around and charged when the power is low.Studios also use strobe light kits for the purpose of capturing objects in motion. The most famous is the picture of a bullet in motion, which was captured with strobe light kits. The ones used in studios are however different from those used on emergency vehicles, as the purpose is entirely different.  These kits however become extremely hot during use, and may cause nasty burns when touched, or even catch fire if they come into contact with flammable materials. They therefore need to be used with caution. Modern strobe light kits used in studios come with four bulbs, and the intensity and regularity of the flashing light produced can be adjusted to the desired level.Night clubs, especially those that play mostly techno and rave music use large strobe light kits placed at strategic places around the club or dance floor to give the effect of time moving in slow motion.  They come with powerful bulbs that can handle being alight for long periods of time without burning. The regularity, brightness and color of the flashing light can also be adjusted and even in some cases be synchronized to flash with the beat of the music. Nightclubs that use strobe light kits are very popular particularly in Europe. However, people with photosensitive epilepsy are advised against going to these night clubs as they have been associated with offsetting seizures for people with this particular kind of epilepsy. strobe light kits today are not reserved for emergency vehicles only. Civilians can also place them on their cars and trucks to make them look slick. The bulbs on this particular type are however not made to flash bright. Some of the common places where strobe light kits are installed on vehicles are front grilles, rear bumper, inside the trunk of the car or even around the rims of the vehicles. Those placed inside the trunk are made much like those used in nightclubs although much smaller, and may also be synchronized with the beat of the music.