There are several reasons behind the apparent popularity and effectiveness of visor light bars. These light bars are manufactured with lot of thought and careful designing which shows up in their features, ruggedness and reliability. Most visor lights come with a very tough construction which ensures that they can handle rough handling and a lot of heavy duty usage. The light bars in recent times are seen to be thinner and this slim low profile design provides more mounting options than would have been possible, had they been bulky or big.

Moreover, the slimmer design doesn’t take away anything from the efficiency of these lights which boast of at least a dozen LEDs configured to emit highly focused lighting. Importantly, these Generation IV, 5mm super bright LEDs provide excellent luminosity without really consuming a lot of energy, allowing you to use a simple 12V DC power supply. This helps in maintaining the portability of these visor lights as well.Apart from the high intensity LEDs, what maximizes the output from these visor light bars is the use of excellent lenses and optic spreading filters which make sure that the effect of the light emitted by the LEDs is maximized. Moreover, reflectors with efficiency in excess of 90% are used in the construction of these light bars to make sure that the lighting output is maximized. The encapsulation provided to the LEDs also helps in making them moisture, corrosion and most importantly, vibration resistant. This resiliency is one of the strongest reasons behind the effectiveness of the light bars.visor light bars with a long array of LEDs come handy with several built in flash patterns that can be seen even off the axis.

Alternate single flashes, faster flashing, continuous and simultaneous flashing, random flashing and alternate slow and rapid flashing are some of the options that are usually built into the light bars, which don’t need any external flashers or control devices. Also the flashing patterns of these light bars can easily be controlled with the help of a pattern selection switch that is user friendly and helps in easily picking the pattern of your choice. visor light bars usually come with suction cups, stainless steel brackets which can be adjusted in height as well as angle and also an aluminum housing which helps in good thermal management as well as to lower annoying rattling.

Some light bars have dual color segments whose visibility is greatly enhanced by the bright and intense flashing. 10 foot wire, cigar plug and adapter, Velcro straps and sometimes even mounting clamps are provided as part of the kit. Although very long, most light bars are thin and not too wide either which makes handling them very easy. Some light bars have dual color panels for greater visibility. These light bars can be mounted near the side mirror, dash or even behind the rear view mirror without really affecting the visibility at any stage. The light bars also come with a hassle free warranty especially when purchased from reputed manufacturers.