Emergency vehicles are the ones that protect us in the emergency situations and warn us of the upcoming alerts and situations on the road. They keep us safe in roads, and guard the law, so they need all the protection they can while they are in their duty. High performance lights that can be programmed to perform as desired in emergency situations are required in all kinds of emergency vehicles including cop cars. Earlier, the revolving dome lights or halogen lights were a part of emergency vehicles. But LED lights are far more effective when it comes to providing lighting for high performance vehicles. LED lights are very efficient because they do not drain a lot of energy from the batteries and they last really long with continuous use. The LED bar light is specifically designed for vehicles that patrol the highways, and will need strong lights to carry out emergency actions and issue warnings during the low light conditions. The LED bar light commonly found on top of the cop cars in unique blue and red colors. This light uses LED light bulbs which can be used for hours together without compromising on the quality. It emits more light than the traditional light bulbs, and helps for better vision in night. The LED bar light are not only used on cop cars but also a variety of other service vehicles like fire trucks, towing trucks, emergency security vehicles and even ambulances. The LED bar light is used for a variety of purposes other than just adorning a cop car. It is used to alert public that the cop car is on pursuit of violators when they are flashing. They also can be used to indicate a work in progress when a construction vehicle flashes them. The LED bar light is used in fire trucks as well, and can be switched on when there is an emergency and the fire truck is attending to it. Slow traffic zones can be indicated by the patrol cars when the lights blink or flash in a particular non-emergency pattern. The LED bar light is available in a variety of sizes and colors, depending upon the vehicle that is using them. For example, cop cars will have a distinctive blue and red LED bar light, tow vehicles may have them in green, or red, fire trucks will have them in blazing orange and red colors, and so on. Even meter reading vehicle uses the LED bar light to indicate to the traffic that it is a service vehicle ahead which is moving slow. They can be programmed in a variety of patterns, which can be activated by a simple switch. They have many modes, and even come in the under grill LED bar light, commonly used for unmarked cop cars and patrol cars. It provides effective signal to the public and gives ample lighting to perform efficient duty in the low light conditions and other weather extremities. It helps people identify that the service vehicle is on the road, so that people better prepare themselves for the emergency and notice the alerts and cautions when on road. It is equally important to use the LED bar light for security personnel to ensure their own personal safety.